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Stop looking - We have Extra Large Tablecloths !!

Extra Large tablecloths


I know most of us that have those extra large tables have often really struggled to find attractive tablecloths for our extra large tables.                                                                    Fear no longer!                                                                                                                      We do have a select range of tablecloths in larger sizes in round,rectangle and square shapes. Just look under catalogue at our section on  extra tablecloths. Otherwise add: extra large in  the search space.               

Currently in stock we have available ;                                                                  

Rectangle tablecloths up too 350 cm length                                                                        Round tablecloths up to 240 cm diametre:                                                                          Square tablecloths up to 200cm square




Tablecloths up too 280 cm round and/or 400 cm long rectangle can be ordered in some designs and colours. Generally, allow about 4-5 weeks.

These days so many of us have extra large tables for our entertainment or family requirements and now we can offer you away to decorate your table.

Do not hesitate to contact me directly if you have any further queries.



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