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Is Fine Dining becoming Family Friendly?

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Good morning,

Times are "a changing" with fine dining also becoming a family affair!

According to the latest hospitality magazine newsletter from they have an article stating the below: 

"Nearly 40 percent of parents say their kids are foodies" New research from Open Table shows that young Australians are looking beyond the kids’ menu when eating out, with wagyu beef and lobster amongst their favourite choices."

Firstly as a mother and now a grandmother I am pleased to state that my children and now grandchildren have always been introduced to a wide selection of foods. However, I must confess, unfortunately,  my budget never stretched to introducing them to lobster and Wagyu beef at a fine dining restaurant !!

This does lead to an issue for boutique gourmet restaurants being "family friendly" and the increased costs of laundry.

A lot of restaurants have gone for the bare "no tablecloth" style which does little to raise their status above a trendy cafe and creates a poor taste into the mouth of the diner who is wanting the food experience and fine dining ambience.

On our restaurant information tab on the home page we do show how a restaurant  can have "their tablecloths and still save on laundering"





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