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"Little Italy" Restaurant Makeover

This restaurant has just had a makeover by Absolutely Fabulous Event Decoration MacArthur Sydney.


    The Vichy Red Check tablecloths quickly give an Italian flair and teamed with the flags a "Little Italy" festive ambiance and experience is created.

The Italian Mirha cotton fabric has all been treated with an acrylic  (Teflon DuPont) for durability and stain resistance. The staff at the end of an event or sitting can simply wipe down the tablecloths and reset for the next occasion.   

Visit our resturant information page to read more details about the features and benefits of Gypsy Tableware tablecloths.

Let us help you on your venue or give you more information or a qoute, contact us today!

As the Godfather would say; Let me make you an offer you can't refuse!

ciao Georgie


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