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Yes We Do Have White Tablecloths!

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Most white tablecloth fabric when it is treated with a Teflon Dupont treatment ends up a little "creamy" or off white! The Dama white is a mixture of polyester and cotton and has slightly raised white square ingrained into it. Due to the higher polyester content in this fabric it is totally white. The slightly raised print ensures that it does not have that "plasticky" look and feel that some of the cheaper Asian polyester fabrics do.

This tablecloth is proving to be very popular with restaurants but can also be used in the home. The Dama white has been treated with Teflon DuPont  (acrylic) for stain resistance and durability. 

A restaurant can save up to several thousand $$ a year in not having to send tablecloths out to the laundry. Please refer to our restaurant page for an example of the cost saving.

However, the Dama White can still feel just as comfortable in the home setting and are ideal for the time poor homemaker, saving hours of ironing and washing!              


Restaurants can easily contact us through our restaurant page                                     for more information and a quote.


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