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Size it up as it is all about SIZE!!!

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  1.  Rectangular table, add twice the desired drop to both the length and width of the table. For example, say your table is 200 cm long wide and 120 cm wide you wanted a 20 cm drop all round. You would require a tablecloth that is                   240 cm long and 160 cm wide.                
  2.  Firstly measure across the top of your round table Round table for the diametre. Then decide the drop/ overhang you would prefer and double it. eg: If the diametre is 120cm and the drop you wish to have is 20cm. You would need a 160cm tablecloth.                                                                     
  3. For a square tablecloth measure table and then double the drop. eg. 100 cm by 100cm table with a 20cm drop would need a 140cm by 140cm tablecloth.                                                                              
  4. What size drop should I have?  This is purely personal preference. Take your tape measure and measure from top of table to desired length. Most dining tables have a drop of 15cm -30cm and should be no further than a diners lap.

We have a large range of sizes trying to cater for most tables. However, if you do require alterations we do have a seamstress who can adjust in most cases.

I hope this assists you about how to size your tablecloth. However, if you are still not sure we are only a phone call 1300665088 away or send a quick email to 



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