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How to stand out from the crowd when you are small!

asian restaurant tablecloths red tablecloth small restaurant Spill Wipe Reset

This small Asian restaurant, Thai Silom, is in the hub of Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast and surrounded by other restaurants.Thai Silom being a small restaurant needed to stand out from the crowd and be appealing to the walk by trade.

In Thai culture all colours have significant meaning. (At least for the Buddhist population.) In Thai  tradition, each day of the week is assigned a specific color and if you are born on that day you would consider that your lucky colour. eg. Sunday is red and Monday is yellow.

Thai Silom chose a red tablecloth overlay over the white tablecloth and added more colour  yellow serviettes, making a bright and appealing statement.

The red tablecloth overlay is a woven cotton and the white tablecloth is a fine cotton. Both of these tablecloths were made in Italy and have been treated with Teflon DuPont so that staff can quickly wipe the spills and sticky food droppings away between sittings.

No ugly,expensive laundry bills here - just great food!

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