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The French Tablecloth Story

    One of the central pieces in any French Country home design is the table linen. In French culture, a meal can last for several hours with family and friends gathered around a beautifully set table. Tablecloths or placements with a runner are used to protect the table and to create the centre piece for the decor in the room, and sometimes the entire home.

       Back in the early 1600s, some navigators sailed into Marseille, in France carrying luxurious toile fabrics that they brought from India. These printed fabrics quickly caught on as the height of fashion for clothes and for furniture.

 Soon, the craftsmen in Avignon and Marseille were producing fabrics designed to mimic these new and exotic materials. The traditional manufacturers felt threatened by these new designs so they petitioned the King of France for a ban on them. The King granted the ban which created an additional fervour for the beautiful and brightly coloured “Indian” fabrics. The public continued to demand the local artisans create new and more intricate designs.

 In 1759 the ban was finally lifted. Several more manufacturers of these “Indian” style fabrics started to produce the unique fabrics in what we know today as the French Provençal style.

    As an icon of any French Country Interior Decor a French Provençal tablecloth is a distinctive way to both protect your table and create a theme for your home decor or for any elegant event.

          Three different types of French Provençal tablecloths.

  •  100% Cotton Acrylic Coated – These are the most common tablecloths you will see. They feature the most charming of French Provençal designs and have a coating of acrylic that provides extraordinary protection against spills and stains and colour fading.
  •  100% Cotton Jacquard - Tablecloths of 100% Cotton Jacquard are truly works of creative art. They feature the most elegant designs woven directly in to the cloth. Provençal artisans use a loom to create these masterpieces. The Jacquard is treated in order to protect it against fading, spills and stains.
  • Tapestry Weave – The Tapestry Weaves feature delightful, yet durable French country designs woven right in the cloth on looms by Provençal craftsmen. The exquisite double-woven cotton makes an elegant and heavy drape that surrounds your table.

     These exquisite tablecloths are easy enough to care for to use every day, and durable enough to be suitable for using indoors or outdoors. With a variety of colours and patterns to choose from, changing out the tablecloth on your table can easily create an entirely new look for your room. Keep several on hand to be sure you can create the ideal look for a special occasion, to change with the seasons, and to keep your decor looking fresh and new all the time.

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