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Square Tablecloths Collection

Gypsy Tableware, have a collection of square tablecloths to suit most tables with sizes  from 80 cm up to 200 cm square.

The smaller tablecloth sizes are generally designed for hospitality or restaurants but still can be used in the home. We also have access to a seamstress who can adjust rectangle and larger square designs down to a smaller size f required.

All tablecloths have been treated with either Teflon DuPont,which is an Acrylic treatment  or Teflon  for stain resistance and durability. This tends to make them especially ideal for outdoor entertaining or commercial venues.

A wipe over generally suffices at the meal end but can be machine washed and ironed on the reverse side if required. 

All tablecloths have been made in France and Italy due to the the high quality grade of the treated material.

Browse our wide range of large and small square tablecloths