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A Little About Us & Our Products!

       Gypsy Tableware Designs, has now been supplying French and Italian tablecloths in Australia for 10 years. During this time we have always had our online retail shop and about 9 years ago we commenced supplying both the wholesale and hospitality industries.

We commenced Gypsy Tableware Designs after living in Europe for a couple of years and being totally frustrated on our return with the limited and unimaginative designs and inferior quality of tabletop furnishings. We loved that what we had dined on many times with in Europe were quality fabrics that were treated to ensure durability that far surpasses any tabletop product made in Asia.

       Let's face it how devastating is it to purchase a tablecloth that fades dramatically in a short period of time and/or is the recipient of a glass of wine or that homemade tomato passata!  The only reminder of your wonderful night is that large irremovable stain left behind!

 Another issue ,we found frustrating was the limited amount of tablecloth sizes available. At Gypsy Tableware, we offer a large range of sizes and shapes as we understand there are many different dining table options.                                                      If you see a design that you like but wrong size let us know as we maybe able to order for you or we have access to a  first rate seamstress who can adjust sizing down or create an oval tablecloth. 

   What are the Benefits of the Gypsy Tablecloths?

In a nutshell, they are quality Italian and French treated Fabrics offering exclusive style and class to your table top.

The  Fabrics are Treated with Teflon or Acrylic (Teflon Dupont) for Stain and Fade Resistance, Water Repellent and Durability

  Oil,wine,sauce spills bead up enabling them to be wiped off. Thicker food spills such as pasta sauce etc can be wiped over with a damp cloth. A mild detergent applied with a damp cloth will quickly remove sticky finger marks and food residue. Tablecloths can be washed in the washing machine on a gentle cold or warm wash cycle.(No higher than 30c) 

       Teflon - Softer finish which is impossible to detect by touch or sight. Often used with Jacquards. However, we do have several cotton fabrics that are treated with Teflon.

     Acrylic -( Teflon Dupont) Slightly waxier to the touch. The acrylic is baked on during the fabric manufacturing creating a commercially viable barrier for a venue or home for spills and summer sun!



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