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Is your venue spending a Heap of Money with Hire and Laundry of Tablecloths?

We get it - : You want to be able to retain your elegance, stylish look or theme!

Read On: If you want to eliminate this bill and still retain your quality look!


 What Do We Do?


We supply a range of restaurants, hotels, aged care venues with our top quality, cost-saving, durable, stain resistant Tablecloths, Table runners and Overlays.. 


    A Little About Our Company & Products

  Gypsy Tableware Designs is an Australian based company that supply a range of table dressing in both retail and wholesale sectors. Over the past 7 years they have specialised in reducing linen cost for restaurants,hotels,aged care facilities and an array of many different hospitality venues.

The cotton or linen tablecloths are from Italy and France. The ones that we recommend for commercial use  are treated with a "Teflon DuPont" treatment. The Teflon DuPont protection is a durable fluro-chemical finish which forms an invisible shield around each fibre creating a stain resistant coating. In basic terms,this means an "acrylic coating" finish.These tablecloths are not cheap, plastic versions! 


   Why  Do Restaurants Like to use our                       Tablecloths?

  •  Stain Resistant- Liquids bead up allowing them to be easily wiped away. This includes Red wine, soy sauce, coffee etc.
  •  Fast and Easy clean- simply wipe sticky marks and food masses away with a damp cloth and mild  detergent.
  •  Fade Resistant - The treatment assists with less fading issues which is great for Al Fresco dining.
  •  Durable - This treatment strengthens the fabric and minimal laundry ensures a "long-life". (We have restaurants that have had same tablecloths for 5 years and  are still going strong !)
  •  Heat resistant - to hot plates and plungers
  •  Candle wax -  peels off easily
  •  Rice - does not stick to the fabric fibres 

                    Soy Sauce on tablecloth      


        Wasting Money on Hire & Laundry!

    Let's Talk Bottom Line!                  

    Most restaurants are finding the added burden of continually rising laundry costs, general wear and tear (if owned) or hire an added financial burden they do not need in the competitive hospitality industry.

    Some Basic Figures!

    If you have a  small restaurant that spends  $100 a week on hire and laundry of tablecloths a week. 

     Your annual cost would be: $5,200
    Over a 4 year period that would cost you: $20,800


    How much are you spending per year?

    You can do your own Maths! Check your laundry bills and work it out.

    Most restaurants become cost neutral from there outlay in about a 4-6 month

    time frame!

    A Handful Of The Restaurants We Have Supplied!                       

    Ischia Restaurant Highgate Perth 
    Hereford Restaurant Glen Innis NSW             

    Royal Motor Yacht Club Newport Sydney  
    Alpha Seafood Mantra Surfers Paradise                                                                    



    Coco Hut  Surfers Paradise
    Absolutely Fabulous Decor  


                 Balkan Grill Booval Qld  (June 2018)

    We absolutely love the tablecloths. Matches perfectly with the decor of our venue. Best part about the table cloths is how easy they are to maintain. Just a simple wipe & they are clean. No laundry washing required. Absolutely love Gypsy Tableware & highly recommend them!!!!

    Katmandu Kitchen Kingscliffe

    Thank you very very much for the new tablecloths.  They are completely different to the other ones and appear to not absorb any liquid or other spills.  They are easy to clean and they look fantastic!


    Spill > Wipe > Reset

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